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Ticket to Anywhere (REVIEW)

Ticket to Anywhere

Singer/Songwriter, Visual Artist and all-round cool kid APRIL MAEY



At my first listen, I was pretty distracted so I wasn’t completely sold but I cleared up some time and listened and WOW I’m sold. The EP has that melancholic vibe with a twist of romantic flares, it’s what I’d listen to if I was having a candlelight dinner with that special someone and ironically what I’d listen to if I’m dead sad or heartbroken, it’s amazing how one project can inspire conflicting feelings. At the same time, it just proves the range and artistic finesse of the artist and if you listen properly to the lyrics you’d know April Maey is definitely clear beyond doubt. So head home, light up a candle, get your bath running, relax with a decent bottle of wine and resonate as we dive into this astonishing piece of musical genius.



Imagine stepping into a 70s night club after a pretty demanding day and as you step in you hear this mind-blowing captivating voice that draws all your attention and literally lifts your mood from 0 to 200 yeah? That’s exactly the vibe sunshine gives, not cause it’s funky and fun but cause it’s like an outlet for that bad day or that heartbreak or that shitty job.
Listening to the lyrics and my head keeps going sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. We all need sunshine in a jar, especially when things aren’t going right.



One of those nights, post break up, taking a walk and remembering everything that went down, the back and forth, the good and bad, all the wasted energy, that’s this song. It’s the words you feel but can’t seem to get out of your mind and it’s been perfectly put out in a song just for you so now you can listen to this and know you’re not alone and you can move past it.


SOMEBODY feat. Citymonstar

A bit more upbeat than the first two songs on the project, it had me bopping my head at the first listen and I almost danced but I suck so just kept the movements minimal. I felt this feeling of a missing rib like someone had been taken from me or I deeply missed someone and hoped the person was around and right next to me.
I’m especially impressed by how well the lyrics bounced perfectly on the beat and featuring Citymonstar was the best thing April Maey could have possibly done with this, he came with this subtle deep voice rapper vibes like they were having a conversation and finished work with those punchlines especially that Ronaldo line.



Ever been in love? If yes then you’d connect with this immediately. It’s basically a declaration of love for that human you’re literally losing yourself for even though the other person doesn’t feel the same way but you’re hopeful and waiting. I’d recommend this song to anyone recently rejected or heartbroken or in that situationship and you’re looking for a way to let the other person know how you feel.



Only fools fall in love and yes after listening to this I’m definitely open to being foolish openly without shame, I’d like to sit under the stars with YOU (whoever you are) and just stare into your eyes cause that’s where my stars lie and if the moon falls, I’d look at you and feel safe. This is literally the perfect love song for new lovers, listening to this while taking a walk in a garden at night or star gazing would just make your love blossom more and you’d fall completely in love again. So, if you’re trying to get the romance up then I’d recommend this song to you.


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