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Sapphire EP (REVIEW)


Singer, Song Writer and Producer MIKUN



This EP is a gem to behold, a blessing for your ears and food for the soul. It’s a journey through different emotions of a lover(past, present, and future) and it hits the right spots when listened to. Mikun gave us a masterpiece to share with our soulmates on dates, vacations, in-between conversations, talking stages, and even marriage.
It’s the kind of EP you add to your playlist when you find the person you would like to pause time for, disappear to your private universe or grow old with so you can both listen and get engulfed with each other then eventually spark up every romantic bone in your body. If you be hard guy, listen to this, and let’s see if it doesn’t hit you and if you’re a lover konnect and vibe.



As the first song of an EP, it’s pretty ingenious. Mikun literally woke up the hopeless romantic buried deep down in the uttermost part of my soul. We have all been attached to someone at some point in our lives and there’s this uncontrollable feeling of attachment that must have hit us all then and it’s been briefly explained in this song, it’s literally two minutes of nostalgia remembering that person that currently has or had your mumu button and all the times you have or had spent together.
Honestly, if I’m in love with you and you don’t pick my call for SIX months, I go ment. Listen to this if you would like to relate or you don’t have the words to express yourself completely and share if it hits hard.



Domestic violence is a reoccurring topic in Nigeria and the world at large and it honestly needs to be spoken more of.
Obianuju is a declaration to every person out there telling them they deserve better and shouldn’t settle for anything less. If you’re currently experiencing this in any form please leave immediately, this world is too messed up to be getting beaten by anyone.
I know it’s easier said than done and you might not have the courage to do that but listen to this and maybe you might just find the courage to leave.



Most humans, especially guys have that one girl or human that you have probably been texting and/or flirting with for a while and maybe every time you try to link up something comes up and it doesn’t happen but at some point, you’re both able to find time to meet up and you just want everything you’ve been imagining and fantasizing to happen at once, yeah this is the song for that moment or maybe if it hasn’t happened but it’s about to then I’d recommend this song too.
So if you’re in your Uber, car, danfo, keke or bike on your way to see that special person, listen to this and share with them so you can both have the same energy when you finally meet up.



Listening to this and having flashbacks to that one girl I tried so hard to show I was head over heels for. This feeling of I am dead in love with you and somehow you can’t see this, I mean I call you all the time, text, send memes, clown myself up for you, write poems, and write amateur corny verses for you but somehow you still don’t see I’m drooling over you.
That’s this song, it’s literally all those feelings in one and if you connect to this you would feel understood.
So send that human this song, hopefully, they would Konnect and everything would work out perfectly.



Ever been in love with someone who loved you just as much?
Well, don’t fret, this song covers us all regardless of your answer. It is a declaration to go through hell for that special someone no matter the stakes. The track boldly states how ready you are to give your all to a person, cause nobody loves you like that person and the least you can do is reciprocate with every iota of your existence.



As the name clearly implies, this track is an appeal to the heart of that special someone to give you one more opportunity to prove your love and worth. It’s you ready to give your all just to show that you are completely devoted to that person and it’s been beautifully put out in this melodic masterpiece.
I know someone somewhere is at the edge and isn’t sure how to convince the other person of how you feel but it’s fine, just vibe to this and get the energy to fight for love.


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