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Redemption (REVIEW)


MC, Songwriter and HIP-HOP Artist JASON NKANGA




Overtime Hip-hop has greatly transitioned and certain great artists have been made through these transitions. Jason Nkanga is one of those elite few and Redemption EP is perfect proof of his talent and craftsmanship. From the exciting intro, to his bars, punchlines and delivery, literally every song hits in its own uniquely assertive way. 
Heard this phrase “Warrior Poet” from a show and after my first listening, I can say with my chest that Jason deserves the praise of a Warrior Poet. His type of artistry champions the impeccable flow and mastery of traditional HIP-HOP, dare I say of Swords and Mics by WU-TAN, and he exhibits this mastery with modern spice all over this project. Here’s a review of our handpicked favorites from this robust body of work. 



Listening to the beat, I get this nostalgic feeling of watching a vintage Kung-Fu movie starring one of the greats like Jet-li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee but in this case Jason Nkanga is the star of the show and his lyrics are his secret weapon to take down anyone that wants or intends to dim his light. 
Running with me is basically a declaration of war to anyone that’s trying to compete with Jason at his craft and he clearly said be ready for a good fight cause he isn’t backing down easy cause he’s got fire in him and his words prove that in this song. So if you’re a fan of his music or you haven’t listened to his stuff yet and you intend to, then get ready for your mind to be blown and “better tie your laces homie” to keep up.



Feel my shoulders moving, my legs jerking and my head bopping cause this slaps hard, like don’t get me wrong it’s actual rap and mad punchlines but there’s melody in this for real. This hits cause we all want to be the king at our thing and everyone wants to be great but Jason might be closer to that crown than we know cause this masterpiece is definitely birthed from pure greatness. 
“Cards shuffled but a nigga still got the king” my head wanted to explode after hearing this, we all need this level of confidence in everything we do.


MOVES ft. Mick Jenkins, BlaqBonez & Asriel

One beat, four rappers and pure genius. 
At some point or the other we’ve all sat down with company and made plans or MOVES about the future, On this joint, Jason and his hired guns successfully helped us relive conversations like those.



We all have that someone we probably feel we aren’t on par with or good enough for but believe in due time we’d be able to match up and show them what we’re really made of and this is the song for those feelings. It’s a soulful chorus fused with lines that’ll make basically any girl smile with her teeth out. 
I’m trying to know YOU better and I might not have the right words to express myself but listen to this while I figure that out and hopefully in due time we’d get to know each other better. 



Ever heard the saying “it’s better to try then fail than not try at all ?” Yeah! that’s the message in this song. The lyrics are from his personal experiences with music and he gives us a glimpse of his self doubt while contemplating with the idea of music till he realized there was no crime in trying and now he’s making waves. 
I know most of us have ideas, aspirations and dreams but due to different reasons we keep them in, and I get it but maybe after listening to this you’d get the confidence to try and maybe just maybe it would come out perfect.

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