In another well-delivered, and successful attempt at establishing himself within a competitive Nigerian music industry, Icontrola allows his production skills to take center stage in the new track titled ‘Angelina’. Accompanying him to do justice to the track is the Mainland Block Party Performer Mikun who perfectly pivoted the song in the lovesick direction it was meant to take, with an element of ache in his voice and lyrics as well.


The mid-tempo of the song as well as its vocal reverbs allows the listener to explore the feeling of reminiscing about a love they once had and the flavors of sounds varying more and more as the song proceeds until it peaks and leaves with a bitter-sweet tale of love. Icontrola who mixed and produced the song himself has definitely given us a treat with this collaboration with the artist Mikun, and it seems there’s still more to come from the duo.




To stream “ANGELINA” by ICONTROLA & MIKUN on any of your favorite platforms CLICK HERE


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